Screenings & assessments

Simplest way to see where you really are in regards to your overall health and fitness.  Are you compensating in your foundation?  If so, what does that mean and why does it matter?  Compensation is what leads to injury.  We remove compensation and we reduce the risk of injury.  Our assessment process allows us to be most efficient of our time and energy together.  This will show exactly where we should start and what we want to focus on if we are seeking balance.    It's quick, easy, and available for anyone at any fitness level.  We meet you at where you are, to get you to where you want to be.  Please contact us for details and availability.

Functional Movement Screening - $75

Nervous System Assessment - $75

Athletic Screening - $125



Personalized training in a group setting. Classes are designed to incorporate individual focus of each students specific daily training.  Like all of our training at Tao Health & Fitness, we focus on individual progressions.  We typically all warm up together, and then move into our own specific goals for the day.  Each students training is customized daily to meet the greatest possible outcome for each session.  Training in a class setting ranges from part-time, to full-time unlimited.  Classes are billed monthly, and can be set up on a month to month basis.  We also offer 3-12 month commitments for a deeper discount on ones investment.    



Private lessons

Perfect for those looking to have in depth one on one time and take their training to the next level. 

Training with a Certified Instructor  

$100 per hour for students

$125 per hour for non-students

Training with the Chief Instructor  

$200 per hour for students

$250 per hour for non-students



Semi-Private lessons

Ideal for small groups wanting to work together. 

(Pricing based on group size.  Please contact for a quote.)




The fast track for those wishing to learn a lot in a rather short period of time.  In-depth one to two day courses covering the fine details in very specific areas of training.     




Many of our Seminars at Tao Health & Fitness run 1-3 hours in length and are open to the public at a very affordable rate of $50 - $150.    


Company Events

We offer both in house and out call Seminars for your Company.  That's right, you can come to us, or we can come to you.  Call or email to get a quote and schedule your event.



Affiliate Program

This is for those wanting to incorporate Tao Health & Fitness philosophies and theories into their own gym or school. Through this program one can attain access to branding, class curriculum, and specific training and testing protocols.