Tao Health & Fitness was founded back in 2012 by Matt Fuhrmann with the focus of combining the internal & external aspects of training the mind, body, and spirit.  Through modalities that are all interrelated, yet still their own, we can find both the unique qualities and roots of individuality that lend further understanding to one another to enhance ones experience and understanding of both self and life.  

In our training we look for the foundation to support balance in our life.  We strive for symmetry and balance in every aspect. In this, mobility and stability must go hand in hand if we are to continuously move forward within our body while successfully reducing the risk of injury or plateau.  If we aim to reach our true potential, our highest self, we must always look to address where we are lacking. To ignore where we are most vulnerable, is to ignore the growth we seek.  We focus much effort on the role of the nervous system and healthy movement patterns to achieve our desired goals.  Doing this allows us real-world strength that we can also use in everyday life.  While offering several modalities of training to chose from, we recommended a progressive path of building blocks to long term results. 

Upon joining Tao Health & Fitness, each student is taken through our assessment process to bring forth and address any weak links in need of strengthening.  From there, we design a customized training plan best suited to meet one's goals.



Matt FuhRmanN

Founder and Chief Instructor - Matt Fuhrmann holds several certifications through various organizations.  He believes in upholding standards of the highest quality for both the students of the Tao, as well as himself.  He therefore trains with the top experts in each field of study and brings what he learns back to Tao Health & Fitness to share among all of the students.