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Neural Activation Screen Certification

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The Rekinetics™ System Overview

What is Rekinetics™?

Rekinetics™ is a system of movement reeducation that optimizes neural networks in the brain to rapidly increase strength, improve coordination and promote pain relief. It skillfully combines corrective exercise programming, elements of manual therapy and the laws of neuroplasticity to repair the motor cortex. The Rekinetics™ system was developed by physical therapist Jeremy R. Baber in response to his frustration with traditional methods of treating chronic pain and nagging injuries.  

What is the philosophy behind Rekinetics™?

Rekinetics™ begins with a simple premise, “Target the brain first and the body second to create optimal movement.” Volitional movement is produced by a signal from the brain’s motor cortex followed by a coordinated response by the muscles, fascia, tendons and bones. If that original brain signal is compromised or altered then optimal movement cannot be achieved. The Rekinetics™ system identifies and then eliminates faulty firing patterns of the motor cortex as its primary corrective strategy.  

What is the Neural Activation Screen™?

The Neural Activation Screen™ (NAS™) is the foundational movement screen of the Rekinetics™ system. The NAS™ identifies inhibition of coordinated movement caused by communication errors within the motor cortex. It is comprised of seven novel movement patterns developed by Jeremy Baber over the course of three years of clinical research. The NAS™ algorithm exposes a hidden neurological architecture between the upper body and lower body that becomes compromised by pain, injury and the aging process. When the integrity of this neural architecture breaks down the result is decreased motor performance and compensatory movement. The NAS™ is unique in that it can serve as a diagnostic screen, corrective exercise protocol and an independent maintenance program.

Learning Objectives for the Neural Activation Screen™ Certification:

• To understand the scientific basis of the Neural Activation Screen™  
• To understand the fundamental rules of Neuroplasticity and how they impact exercise prescription and optimal movement generation
• To make participants aware of the difference between Neurological Strength vs. Physiological Strength
• To recognize the role that central nervous system dysfunction has on range of motion deficits, motor weakness and structural imbalance
• To learn how to skillfully perform the Neural Activation Screen™ (NAS™)
• To understand the precautions and contraindications for using the NAS™
• To understand how to properly prescribe the NAS™ as a home program to create long term functional improvement

The Benefits of NAS™ certification

▪ The NAS™ is a non-invasive, highly therapeutic tool that is very easy on the practitioner’s body to perform
▪ The NAS™ can help you differentiate between structural (“hardware”) and neurological (“software”) drivers of faulty movement
▪ The NAS™ allows you to rapidly improve global motor function by improving the efficiency of the central nervous system
▪ The NAS™ becomes a powerful tool to help increase muscle activation in minutes
▪ The NAS™ provides immediate, objective and measurable results for clients
▪ Long term use of the NAS™ improves athletic performance and prevents injury

Cost - $500

Earlier Event: May 20
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