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By Michael John Abedin

As a long-time professional matial arts instructor, I've seen a lot of schools. This is one of the better facilities in Austin, and has done a good job of bridging the gap between the fitness and martial arts world and the holistic and spiritual world. And what's not to like about a FB photo of guys in leotards drinking beer and lifting weights?
Michael Abedin
Publisher, Editor
Austin All Natural

Great results rehabbing an old injury
By Cody Klein - Austin, USA

Matt delivers results. I've had a lot of therapy since my car wreck in 1999. When I started training at Tao Health and Fitness I still had a depressed right shoulder with atrophy and diminished nerve activation that affected motor function and sensation. My neck had decreased rotation and hurt every day. I've been training with Matt for about a year now and my shoulders are level with equal strength. My neck rotation has improved by about 25 degrees to each side and the pain has decreased significantly. The improvement in range of motion and strength has helped me mentally and physically. I'm a bodyworker and an acupuncturist. Out of all the healthcare professionals I've worked with, Matt has helped me achieve the greatest level of improvement. There's no question that my quality of life has improved as a result of training with Matt and the other great people over at the Tao.

 Very knowledgable, ego-free teacher
By Nathan Ladd - Austin, United States

Wellness (and by extension physical fitness) is ultimately a long game. Matt does not offer a quick and easy path -- he did not recklessly escalate my individual effort level in order to make hurried gains. The path at the Tao has been gradual -- first skill and stability, then strength. I've been learning from Matt for almost two years now. At first, the workouts were not very intense, but I can see now that I was developing a solid foundation to safely progress through his strength training program. As a result, I am now performing challenging calisthenic exercises such as pistol squats that I would have once thought impossible as a matter of routine. I've built a ton of strength in not only my muscles but also my ligaments, joints, and even mental discipline that has carried into other aspects of my life. At the same time, I've also lost quite a bit of "bad weight." Because the process is so gradual, I have a good deal of confidence that these body changes have some staying power, too. I never decided to change my life to become more healthy -- I started showing up, and let the changes happen to me. Very "wu wei!" Probably my favorite best aspect of training under Matt is the community that has built around the Tao. That community has kept me motivated to regularly show up to train, even when life would otherwise get in the way. A lot of gyms offer a culture that is steeped in male bravado -- Tao Health & Fitness is a refreshing alternative.

 Strong foundation to build strenth
By Rosa Vera - Austin, United States

I have enjoyed Matt's unique training because it is very attentive to developing forms prior to building strength. I can feel my body responding to the focused workouts in a tremendous way that is highly encouraging. Old injuries have started healing and I am very excited to build strength with kettlebells. I highly recommend the time and money to improve mobility and reach fitness goals at any age.

 Excellent teacher
By Aaron B - Austin, USA

Matt has been a great teacher. He has a wealth of knowledge about the way the body moves (and should move), and he shares with his students in each of his classes. Each class is well designed, and he paces them well. He has a great sense of humor, and this is expertly mixed with knowledge. I have learned how to move more effectively and more safely under his expert guidance.

Brilliant Teacher, Great Friend
By Evan Waddell - Austin, USA

Matt Fuhrmann is a great teacher, and down to earth friend. When he is teaching, it's as if he's just your friend, there to help you out. His demeanor is humble and humored, yet you can tell he's a tough dude. A powerful teacher in many respects. Sometimes when he gets to talking about his calisthenics programs, his eyes literally light up, and you can see his genius start to come through. He has a deep understanding of body mechanics and a passion for sharing. I love it when we get into conversations about calisthenics and working out, not to mention when he shares some of his Kung Fu experiences with me. The dude's got so many stories! My one complaint is that sometimes he is so quick to answer that I feel he's not actually listening to me. But maybe that's just because I'm whining! He's always joking about how much fun we're going to have busting it during the work out. And he's always encouraging. His program is simple yet powerful. No doubt, it has saved my life. As a man in my young twenties, with no exercise routine in my life to speak of, I was starting to feel weak and incapable. But through the simple exercises I've learned from him, all that has changed. Plus, I have discovered how much I love physical work. Thank you, Matt. If you're looking for someone who will give you an understanding of how to build strength, and use your body in it's best way, I recommend Matt. Or if you are in need of some physical rehabilitation, Matt is a great guide as well. Many of his students are older folks, and I've seen lots of people overcome long standing issues with their body. All in all, a great friend and a brilliant teacher.

 My strongest
By Dawn Szombathy - Austin, USA

I've been going to Tao Health & Fitness for over a year now with Matt. I am so grateful for everything I've learned from him. He is always encouraging, learning more and happy to share what he knows. I've been recovering from several accidents that had my back go out and take my spine out of alignment. I have felt more improvement doing the work here than everything else that I've tried. I'm way more aware in my body and feel stronger no matter what I'm doing. Hard to think of not knowing or doing this training now! (A 9/10 because there's always room for improvement- but it sure is hard to find someone I trust as much as him)

 Best fitness trainer in Austin
By Thomas Najar - Austin, United States

I've been a student of Matt Fuhrmann at Tao Health and Fitness for about a year now. I can honestly say that Matt has provided the best fitness instruction from any trainer I've worked with in Austin, bar none! In the beginning, he did a great job screening my initial fitness level and teaching me corrective exercises to address imbalances, weak points and injuries. From there, he's done a great job guiding me through 3DX and bodyweight exercises to build up foundational strength. This is the hardest I've worked for the longest period of time without injuring myself. I'm stronger than I've ever been and getting stronger all the time. Matt's classes are always fun and engaging. I get tons of personal attention. Matt is always cheerful, engaging and attentive. The class sizes are building steadily, and there's a real sense of family and community. I would highly recommend Matt and Tao Health and Fitness to anyone looking to address nagging injuries and attain their highest potential of strength and fitness.

 Getting my life back
By Theresa Pittman - Austin, USA

I am a 61 year old grandmother. I came to Matt after a total hip replacement and subsequent physical therapy had failed to restore my ability to move with ease and joy. The pain and limited mobility were impacting every aspect of my life; and I had become focused on just getting through each day. My first class was disappointing, as could not do any of the exercises without pain. Matt continually worked with my limitations, constantly revising my individual plan. It was six weeks before I could leave my training not in tears. With Matt's persistence and patience, I slowly began to feel real improvement. I have been working with Matt for four months,now, and I can work in my garden, play on the floor with my grandchildren, and walk for as long as I want - without pain. When I walked through the door of Tao Health & Fitness in January I was unable to walk without the aid of a cane. Now, my daughter has trouble keeping up with me as I sprint through the Zilker Botanical Gardens. I have a long way to go, and a lot yet to learn; but, this has become an exciting journey to wholeness. This practice has put the joy back into my life on all levels. This is an investment of energy, time and money; but I am worth it. Thank you, Matt, for helping me to reclaim my life.

 Matt knows his stuff & brings fundamental results

By Robin Arutt - Austin, USA

For years I've looked all over Austin for someone who really grasped what functional movement and functional strength really is, beyond the buzz words and BS. I'm thrilled that I've finally found Matt and Tao Health & Fitness. Completely innovative approach that incorporates ancient techniques, an obvious breadth of knowledge and his own intuition. Matt meticulously leads small classes and prescribes individualized work to repair each person's individual imbalances, heal old limitations from injury. increase range of motion, and build a solid foundation of full mobility and stability upon which to then get strong. My shoulder issues are already resolving. Thank you, Matt, for bringing your skill, knowledge and passion to each and every class. It's fun, it's challenging in a whole new way, and I'm already thrilled with the results!

Feeling pretty optimal

By Derek Flores - Austin, US

I have been training with Matt for 5 months (3 days a week) and I have to admit he has been a very positive influence to my health. I am working 6 days a week (70hrs) and he has been flexible for the continuation of training. I highly recommend Matt at Tao Health and Fitness to people looking to gain strength and stability in group training sessions. I enjoy using kettle bells and as I keep up with training I begin to feel like the sky is the limit. 



By Laura M - Austin, USA

This is the place to get your health and strength back; the foundation piece for continued body work. Matt Fuhrmann is a master at identifying individual strengths and weakness and then devising a personalized plan of action. Through Tao Fitness ‘lessons’ you are resynching the nervous centers while becoming cognizant of how the body communicates with itself.

Matt is the perfect combination of nurture, passion and knowledge guru/coach. His attentiveness is invaluable in keeping you on task and motivated. Teaching the body to regroup, heal, expand…. its all here for much less than other regiments out there. 

Two weeks in and I was walking different, stronger and with 70% less pain (sciatic). In week four while working out I had a physical empathy: suddenly everything I had been struggling with was now easy and smooth, after decades of injuries, bad body exercise habits and bad muscle memory. 

Crawl before you walk, walk before you run. Excel.


 Serendipity to Integrity

By Janet Abbott - Austin, USA

A serendipitous meeting with Matthew opened up the 'Dragon Door' to the most integral work I have encountered in over 40 years of training/practice. Our first conversation segued into an immediate discussion on ligaments and their function/behavior. A rare moment to find someone who can speak like that ?! I knew then Matt had an inner vision of the body's integrity and I became an early student in his opening space. 

Matt's guidance has activated internal wisdom with personal mentorship that is constant. This work continues throughout the day, week, into activity, quiet time. I have laughed with him that he is a constant Guru. My goal is to undo 36 years of practicing massage therapy and have my body as agile and flexible as when I began my career.This goal is being achieved beyond my imagination and all without pain or fatigue. Only developed strength and balance that is lasting.

I have practiced many styles of movement including yoga, pilates, dance, mono fin swimming and Matt's guidance stars the top!! 

I am so grateful for the serendipitous meeting Matt, and your deep wisdom teaching.


 Individualized training

By Olivia H - Austin, TX, USA

Excellent instructor!

Matt is patient. He teaches us that patience is important when re-creating the way a body moves. It takes time. And thats what this type of training does. It re-creates you. 

I'm re-learning, re-training my body on a very fundamental level. After just a few weeks I was walking differently, sitting differently, moving in a whole new way. And I still am. 

Matt has designed a training routine for me focused on MY needs. He gives a lot of personal attention to each student, even when there are several students in the dojo at once. This is an investment- One well worth the time, effort, and cash.

I am so happy to have found this community and look forward to every class!

 Chai Baba Chai Highly Recommends Matt Fuhrmann

By Rich Ericson - Sebastopol, U.S

Matt's work is profound, easy to learn and can be practiced by anyone, any where and with only the most basic tools. What l like the most is Matt's total focus with his students. He is kind, gentle and strong all at the same time. I believe his understanding of the way the body works is unique. He works with each individual's underlying issues. His custom workouts are geared to strengthen and correct, without risking further injury. I cannot recommend his work highly enough. Sincerely Rich the chai guy

 Alignment Issue Fixed!

By Nathan Kwiatkowski - Austin, USA

I had a personal screening session with Matt this morning, and he has already helped me skip light-years ahead in my quest to align my spine and regain symmetry in my skeletal frame and musculature. I will no doubt be able to take my weight lifting and bodyweight calisthenics exercises to the next level after our short 1-hr session. He definitely knows what he's talking about!!

 Giving an injured yogi hope again

By Joe Lapp - Austin, USA

I came to Matt with a challenge. I have an injury complex that I manage. I can't do normal exercise routines or many of the exercises that therapists prescribe. When Matt invited me to class, his introductory routine also proved problematic for me. I expected Matt to declare that maybe his classes weren't suitable for me. Matt did just the opposite. He made it clear that he wasn't going to give up and that there was still a lot of ground for us to explore.

It turns out that Matt himself once suffered a severe injury and rebuilt himself through the functional movement system. Matt is listening carefully to my feedback about what is causing trouble and what isn't, about what helps and what doesn't, and he adjusts the routine accordingly. Not only are we exploring, but we're actually finding exercises that help. To my surprise, these exercises include not only movement and weight exercises, but breathing exercises. Some are so helpful to me that I've started doing them at home too. He has jump-started my self-care routine, and I'm feeling encouraged again.

It's only been two months so far. It's too soon to know whether these exercises are going to help heal injuries, but it is clear that regardless, I feel much better for doing them and for finally having exercises I can do. As fantastic as this is for me, this is not the greatest benefit I've received. The best thing is that I have found someone who is going to be my parter in finding a way to health again, who isn't going to give up on me.

Just one more thing. I consider myself a person of deep body wisdom, having practiced tang soo do (as a child), tai chi, yoga (hatha, anusara, ashtanga, and power vinyasa), and improvisational dance prior to my injury. I expect my trainer to also have a well of wisdom about the body. Matt does. Sometimes his principles gel with tai chi or yoga or dance, and sometimes they are new to me and take me to new understanding. I can't thank you enough Matt!

 A Master Teacher

By Rebecca White - Austin, USA

I have studied movement from great teachers all around the globe. Matt Fuhrmann ranks among the best. 

When it comes to identifying the root cause of my discomfort/movement limitations (and working through them!), Matt's class has proven radically effective. After years of working with injuries and imbalances, I didn't think I could ever return to my profession as a movement teacher; and yet, working with Matt has truly reawakened my strength efficiency, proper movement patterns and body awareness.

Martha Graham once wrote: “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.”

I have greatly benefited from Matt's unique, personalized approach. He adeptly creates customized progressions for each of his students. His knowledge is superseded only by his dedication. He is a warm and caring teacher, with a firm and precise hand. 

I highly recommend this master teacher.

 Back to Basics!

By Sherrol Bramwell - Austin, USA

Working with Matt for less than two months, while increasing both strenght and flexiblity, I've re-learned, and continue to learn how to move again; .

Crawling before I walk, literally, I see my body developing into the form that it came in with before accidents, injuries, lifestyle or ego made adjustments and compensations that over the years deteriorated into weakness then pain.

For an A type personality, the Functional Movement (FM) that Matt teaches appeared simple. However, I committed myself to exploring what my friends were talking about. At my 1st class I could immediatley feel how deep the movements were, and within three classes could both see and feel a difference in my body.

That improvement continues to happen, as I progress through the program he has me working on.

The FM class is extremely beneficial and a great workout on it's own. With that said, I have discovered that the instructions I get from it also enhances my other physical practices, like Pilates, dancing and walking.

If you've not already done so - run to Matt, or better yet, crawl ... because he'll have you on your knees in no time.

 I think Matt is great

By Cynthia Schade - Austin, USA

And is a great compliment to chiropractic care. I am and have been a chiropractor for 27 years and finding a system that helps to balance the muscular imbalances is fabulous. I also love the way he has a systemized approach where you can see progressions. It is systemized but not cookie cutter..

I recommend it for many of my patients.


By MaryAnn Reynolds - Austin, USA

I'm a 60-year-old grandmother who's been doing yoga for 30 years. I've had scoliosis and issues with my left leg (foot turned out, injuries, wobbliness) and a lot of soft tissue damage after an auto accident. I'm looking forward to being able to run without pain afterwards and also doing an unsupported handstand. I believe Matt Fuhrmann at Tao Health & Fitness is going to get me there. 

I've taken exactly 6 Functional Movement classes with Matt, and I can already feel a difference in my body. My breathing is better. My body awareness and movement awareness is higher. My left leg hits the ground differently when I walk now, with a stronger connection to the earth. It feels right and good and easy -- and I couldn't have come up with that on my own and make it stick. 

Matt is a genial guy with an excellent eye. As a fitness instructor, he has a way of not cutting you any slack but not being mean about it. You show up, do the work, and reap the benefits. He keeps it a mix of repetition and challenge. Plus, he has a lot of interesting stuff in his studio that I haven't used (yet) like kettlebells, Indian clubs, kung fu practice gear, and so on. It's definitely a "Keep Austin Weird" (in a good way) kind of place. 

I recommend doing a Functional Movement assessment with Matt and signing up for classes if you would like to move with more grace and less pain, whether you are a serious athlete or someone who just wants to function well in daily life.

 Working out with Matt Fuhrmann

By Marco Vera - Austin, Texas

i have been training with Matt Fuhrmann for eight months and i am very pleased with the results. my body is looking stronger. my confidence is higher. my energy has increased. i have a better attitude and my outlook on life is better. i am eating healthier and i plan on learning a great deal from matt about kung fu. i read books which he has assigned to me and i write book reports. yes i plan on continuing with matt and i want to reach higher goals with our training.

Functional Mobility Priceless

By Lennie M - Austin, USA

I have been seeing Matt a couple of months now and already see a major difference. When I started I was in pain in my right hip and was very unstable. This work seems simple but profoundly beneficial. It is incredible how we are not even conscious how we even, do something as simple as, stand and walk . Matt has truly opened my eyes to so many things in such a short period of time. This work is good for everyone from 9 to 90. And by the way....the hip pain has diminished. Also, between Matt and his partner Rachael, they can really assist you with nutrition and supplements. Matt, you have something good going. Congratulation!

 First time experiencing long term progress

By Frank Black - Austin, USA

I have tried personal trainers in the past at various gyms in the past. These experiences seemed to provide results in the short term, however, my body always ended up feeling burnt out over a period of time. Eventually, I would always give up these programs because of this. 
Although, Matt is not specifically a personal trainer, the attention he gives during a session makes it seem so. I feel stronger, more flexible, and have noticed an improvement in my posture since training with Matt and all this without the overworked feeling that comes with other training programs.

 Matt brought my swagger back

By Chris Nielsen - Austin, USA

I used to have chronic neck pain due to my horrible posture, after about a week or so training with him he made me realize the 2 were directly related. His total body fitness program literally changed my perspective on life! My neck feels great and my colleagues and friends have all noticed a dramatic improvement in my overall mood. I would highly recommend his program!!

 Not a workout, a 4-course healthy meal!

By Dale Whistler - Austin, USA

I've taught ashtanga yoga for thirty years. And I've suffered from chronic back and shoulder pain my whole life. I'm a sculptor/metalworker and I'd assumed that my sculpting days were drawing to an end. "Guess I've just burned out this old body!". 
After working out with Matt for a couple of months I am pain free, even after a day of sculpting in odd positions. It was stability I lacked, that's all! Careful attention to reprogramming of my movement pattern only took a few sessions to make a giant difference. Now I understand, and Matt is good at explaining each exercise progression. 
He is extremely methodical, yet with a warm sense of compassionate humor, he keeps it fresh, with something new in the every workout and gives you a teaser of what's to come next as reward for progress.
Working out with Matt is hardly like a workout, it's more satisfying, like a four course healthy meal. He combines FMS with a little traditional Chinese joint cleaning, old strongman technique, Chi Gung, kettlebells, all with clear methodology. It's been a bright spot in my life to train with Matt and my progress rapid. 

 Insightful & Visionary

By Rachael Neu - Austin, USA

My training with Matthew Fuhrmann has lead me to overcome many of my compensations. I didn’t realize I was compensating in my movement patterns until I had been introduced to an FMS screening by Matt. I have benefited from the FMS screen which put proper placement on what my training focus should be. He has created an individualized program specifically designed to focus on the needs of my body with what my FMS screen confirmed that I needed. The FMS generates the Functional Movement Screen Score, which is used to target problems and track progress.
I have gained inner strength, increased my range of motion and have a clearer understanding of why these regimens work. Matt has given me insight to change my life for the better with his knowledge of FMS, Fitness Techniques, Health trends, and the body’s anatomy. He puts into perspective how to clear the body’s joints of restrictions, strengthen and stabilize the body’s ligaments that are connected at the joints, and how to properly use strength in training the body to stretch into flexibility. 
My awareness of my body has increased, my walking, sitting, running, jumping, and even sleep patterns have been attuned from this training style. Long story short it has changed my life. I have never felt better and more successful in my life. This training for me is an everyday mind set. I am more mindful and thankful for the strength and healthier body, mind and soul that I have now from the training and our conversations. My knowledge on proper body alignment and proper strength training has been broadened greatly. My knowledge on Chinese philosophies has increased and my diet has changed. 
Matt and I have incorporated new supplements into my diet, GF, Macrobiotics, and 5 Elements Theory so that what I eat and train is what I become and I have become strong and healthy. Thank You Matt! 
I highly recommend this training above any other. Tao Health & Fitness is “The Way”

Martial Arts, FMS, Matt Fuhrmann knows his stuff

By Roberto Abdo - Austin,TX

After training under Matt Fuhrmann as a Kung Fu student for several years, and as a FMS student for several months, I have become increasingly impressed with his knowledge and attention to detail. 
Several old nagging injuries have begun to loosen up and heal with the exercises Matt has taught me. A hyperextended elbow, a rolled toe, and a sprained knee were all causing me great discomfort and affecting my ability to train at the capacity that I desired. 
After three months of joint rotations, isoflexion, and FMS stretching techniques I have increased range of motion in my elbow, regained strength in my injured toe, and restabilized my knee. 
In addition to these gains I have also experienced a noticeable increase in strength in my hands and feet, my ability to focus is better, my energy levels have increased dramatically, and I have an overall more positive attitude. It really is shocking the amount of progress I have been able to accomplish with Matt's help. 
Matt Fuhrmann is an excellent instructor and I highly recommend his program to anyone interested in increasing their physical and mental health. 

 A meticulously catered program for you

By Chris Hamje - Austin, USA

If you are looking for an instructor who can give you his complete attention, every minute of every workout, the extremely knowledgeable and dedicated Matt Fuhrmann is the coach you need. Matt constantly watches his students, adjusting form and correcting mistakes with no pause for breath. Every student has their own program, specifically aimed at repairing any previous injury and strengthening personal points of weakness and asymmetry. I'm blown away by the care he puts into his instruction.
I came to Matt because I was not getting the attention I needed from a gym environment, and I was worried about injury and bad habit as well as performance plateaus. With Matt, it is literally impossible to escape his eye -- you will find yourself consistently performing your strengthening tasks CORRECTLY with not only a deep level of knowledge of the "why", but also the "how." Small changes occur every day, allowing me to mark my success (and failures) and record tangible progress.
Matt also focuses on the internal arts (something quite new to me, coming from a crossfit environment), making one healthy from the inside out: tendon, ligament, and organ strengthening as well as mobility training make up the backbone of his initial fitness progressions, and I have seen increased definition even after only a week's worth of work. Matt's knowledge of qi gong and other traditional kung fu conditioning has left me feeling happier and healthier even after a short amount of time.
Again, if you desire a functional program just for you, Matt is your guy.

Constantly strives to improve upon himself

By Anzhela Pankova / Tyler, USA

I know Matt from Kung Fu workshops and recently started working with him on FMS to help my knees and back alignment.
He constantly works on his techniques to improve upon himself as well as inspires those around him to strive for the same goal. He is very knowledgeable in the art of Kung Fu and FMS principles. He tailors his program to best fit one’s individual needs and provides the necessary skill to accomplish long-term goals. He is very up to date in fitness and health trends and critically analyzes the data available to him. He is a very positive and friendly individual with a contagious attitude, enthusiastic spirit, and easy going personality. He is easy to talk to. He listens carefully to you and is genuinely interested in your well being.
I am amazed how quickly my back had improved in such a short time. My knees have progressively worsened over time of training in Kung Fu. As I work with Matt on FMS and follow his recommendations in my Kung Fu practice routine, I am finding that my knees don’t hurt like they used to and feel stronger. And that is why I am going to continue working with Matt and will absolutely recommend his work - especially to those I care most about.


 Extremely knowledgeable and friendly

 - Ben Hanna - Austin, USA

I've trained kung fu with Matt since 2008 and recently did functional movement screening (FMS) work with him. As my senior classmate in kung fu, Matt was always making friendly suggestions and comments that aided in my growth as a martial artist. He's always doing research into how to improve technique or fitness or health. My back and shoulders, which tend to be tight and chronically sore, are considerably more flexible after a month of FMS with Matt. Whether you're looking to recover from an injury or just to build strength in general in an atmosphere of positive reinforcement, look no further. 


By Steve Handy - Austin, TX

Matthew taught me Indian Clubs. I was a bit dubious at first, more so when he made me do the exercise properly, as this reduced my range of motion. Anyway. i stuck with it and after 3/4 sessions my mobility improved a lot, making other exercises (Kung Fu) easier. Highly recommend.


Surya Ritzell -

Saved my Knees, been looking for 5 years with NKT, physical therapy, supliments, energy work, yoga. That stuff did not work for me. Matt does advanced physical therapy. He teaches you how to move and strengthen your body so it lasts for the long haul. Feeling strong.

Tracy Jane Brown — 

Listen up, folks! This place has changed my life. When I started at the beginning of March I used a cane and every step was an excruciating struggle. Today I got on the mat and did floor work on my messed up knees!!! And the best part was all the joy my class mates shared with me. Not only are the instructors super encouraging, but the students all keep each other motivated. Do this for yourself and you will not regret it! Thanks to Matt for all your awesome help.

Theresa Sóbhrag Pittman -

I am a 61 year old grandmother. I came to Matt after a total hip replacement and subsequent physical therapy had failed to restore my ability to move with ease and joy. The pain and limited mobility were impacting every aspect of my life; and I had become focused on just getting through each day. My first class was disappointing, as could not do any of the exercises without pain. Matt continually worked with my limitations, constantly revising my individual plan. It was six weeks before I could leave my training not in tears. With Matt's persistence and patience, I slowly began to feel real improvement. I have been working with Matt for four months, now, and I can work in my garden, play on the floor with my grandchildren, and walk for as long as I want - without pain. When I walked through the door of Tao Health & Fitness in January I was unable to walk without the aid of a cane. Now, my daughter has trouble keeping up with me as I sprint through the Zilker Botanical Gardens. I have a long way to go, and a lot yet to learn; but, this has become an exciting journey to wholeness. This practice has put the joy back into my life on all levels. This is an investment of energy, time and money; but I am worth it. Thank you, Matt, for helping me to reclaim my life.

Rosa Vera — 

My experience with training with Matt has been well worth the money and time. I have slowly worked on forms to eventually begin strength training. I find the workouts to be simple and effective with fabulous results. Matt delivers careful critique and encouragement that allows you to feel empowered of your own program. It is amazing to see others in their advancements throughout the months of training. 

I told Matt last year that I wanted to be in the best shape of my life in my forties and I am confident I will be there and have the knowledge to maintain it. I highly recommend it!

Benjamin Green — 

I have practiced martial arts since I was 15, held multiple personal training/fitness cert, been a certified kettlebell instructor through a few different programs, and take numerous workshops/seminars. Out of ever where that I could train in ATX I choose the Tao because of the quality of instruction and focus on attention to detail. The Tao is not some sort of group workout or boot camp approach to fitness. Instead at the Tao student are taught to focus on details, make consistent progress and avoid injury, while learning to move better and be stronger.

Chris Winkley —  

Great gym and excellent instructors! MMA training at its finest for all types of skill levels.

Mike Agnone —  

Excellent advice and guidance, I reached out via Facebook with questions and got a great response.

Candace McCormick Fischer —  

I never even thought that it was possible for me to get strong. Now I know I can !

David Mendoza - 

Great location. Great teacher. Go visit and you will understand.


Khoa P.

Austin, Texas

Matt does an amazing job at breaking down the specific movement practices in a simple and succinct way.  The curriculum is broken into progressive levels that is individualized and personalized for student.
Matt also gives you the personal attention and direction you need to give you the results you desire.
Your body and brain will not only feel great at the end of the workout but also through the entire experience since we go at our own pace and each exercise is so beneficial to your body.
Matt starts the course with a relaxing nervous system reset so you can clear your mind chatter and compression within your body.  This is really helpful because it clears your mind, gets you calm and present in your body and in the practice.  This also helps you stay focused to the subtle details of what you are doing.  
And when this happen, there is clear and obvious detail of the subtle effects on each movement and the effort you out into each move can be clearly observed.  
The facility is spacious, clean and airy.  And the people there are friendly, conscious, and cool.


Michael N.

Austin, TX

This is not your average "gym".  Yes if you want big muscles you can get them here, but unlike other gyms that only offer cosmetic fitness, Matt brings to the table an option of seeking guidance to the achievement of your own ideal fitness by blending adaptive physical exercise routine with an effort to seek conscious awareness of psychological factors which affect the realization of fitness goals.  Understanding that working out isn't just about "looking good naked" (as most gym mentality seems to endorse), training at Tao Health and Fitness will begin at the root of ones fitness reality.  The desire to reach fitness goals without a willingness to work the process that lays between ones current state and the goal, will only produce frustration and failure in the best of circumstance, and injuries in the worst.  Working toward your fitness goals with Matt at his small, community oriented establishment entails starting at the beginning, and progressing when you are ready- how fast you progress is determined only by how faithfully you apply yourself.  Unlike other ideologies (cross fit) which seem to have the delusion that by acting like a professional athlete you will BE a professional athlete (or die trying), Tao Health and Fitness offers anyone, of any fitness level a REALITY based approach that will sustainably and safely transform any person into a solid powerhouse of strength, endurance, and beauty...  this is enough for most anyone to choose to work here with Matt- but for those like myself who tend to connect dots, and see all things as interrelated, there is at Tao Health and Fitness the added benefit of having an expert instructor with a hands on approach to helping one truly understand the "why's" and "how's" regarding the bodies development, and the influence that the mind can have on this development.  The meditation becomes the workout, the workout becomes the meditation, and when balance is established between the body and the mind, both become stronger, more stable, and more beautiful- not in an unsustainable cosmetic sense, but in a genuinely meaningful way that can be maintained for life.  Wether you are already a beast, or if you are frail, sickly, and injured- Matt can help you transform yourself into an unbreakable mountain.


Rena B.

Austin, TX

For years I've looked all over Austin for someone who really grasped what functional movement and functional strength really is, beyond the buzz words and BS. I'm thrilled that I've finally found Matt and Tao Health & Fitness. Completely innovative approach, small classes, individualized work combines to repair each person's individual imbalances, heal old limitations from injury. increase range of motion, and build a solid foundation of full mobility and stability upon which to then get strong. My shoulder issues are already resolving! Thank you, Matt, for bringing your skill, knowledge and passion to each and every class. It's fun, it's challenging in a whole new way, and I'm already thrilled with the results!

MaryAnn R.

Austin, TX

I've just been going to classes here for a couple of weeks, and I already feel more stable in my body! I've had issues with balance and alignment for most of my life, and I notice a difference in how I walk already. The owner, Matt, tests your functional movement, and from that score, he assigns you to a level and gives you exercises that correspond to your current level of fitness. Some are the same every day, and some vary. I go 3x a week. Matt's eyes light up when he talks about fitness. He has his own story of injury and recovery (so he knows firsthand). He's an aficionado of kung fu, old-time strongman, and Indian clubs (which I don't know anything about, but he's got all this interesting equipment and photos on the walls). Anyway, he is patient but doesn't let you slack off. Classes are offered frequently, so it's easy to fit into your schedule. He offers a kids' program too.

Amie W.

I have had nothing short of the best experiences at Tao Health & Fitness. Matt and his students are a true community family. Matt’s Kung Fu training, as well as many other fitness modalities, create a fully complimentary class schedule for students of all fitness levels and goals. Every class allows participants to receive personalized routines that can also be applied to maximizing their abilities in Kung Fu, Qigong, Tai Chi and more! When someone who truly wants mastery over their body (and the WHOLE self) walks into the Tao, they immediately know they have found their home away from home. The studio is tidy, attractive, and equipped with tools for properly gaining strength and agility. There are also great workshops, public events, and opportunities to create your desired class choices at times that suit most schedules.

Donna S.

Being a dancer I’m amazed at how much I love this practice. No music ... just deep somatic connection and new awareness every time. Great to add to my movement routine - a gentle progression to move from the inside/out.